Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sorry for your loss, Create a Critter & Paper doll Dressup - Pet Sympathy Card

So I am not the greatest at keeping this blog updated because I have a 2 year old little girl who refuses to sleep lately. I plan on trying to tell more about my projects from now , I am typing this waiting for my stickles to dry and also tyring to keep my little girl entertained its waaaay past her bedtime but you could never tell.

I really REALLY wish I had the peaschy keen stamps to go along with the animals on Create a Critter, but sadly I just dont have the cash to buy them right now but eventually I will have to buy them and re-make this card . Have you ever done that?? after I bought my Every day faces set pk 490 for my paper dolls I re made everything I used that cartridge with because the faces just bring it to life.

If you havent seen them you need to check them out at

Anyways for this project I used Create a Critter and cut the cute little dog on page 34.

I cut it at 2.5" and also added some pink scraps behind the ears .

For the cloud and halo I used the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge page 75

I used Ds and kinda messed with them a bit to make the shapes the exact size I wanted .

I inked the edges of my paper, and my cloud. Added some detail with gel pens and put it all together.

Hope you like it


  1. That is so sweet! Thanks so much for taking the time to share - as Robyn and Karlee said last night - we are moms first so no worries! Take care if that sweet little one because that is the most rewarding job God blesses us with.
    Take Care,
    Jenny Kozar

  2. What a sweet puppy, and creative putting him in doggie heaven! The loss of a pet is such a hard thing to get through. Your card came out very cute though! As a mom of a 2 yr old, I completely understand what you're going through! ;)

  3. Yep still teary! I showed my kids and they love it too! THANK YOU! If you wouldn't mind posting it on my CNS Fan Page too?

    We had a great idea, since we want another dog "one day" but don't want a dog unless it's Apollo. We are going to go back to our breeder and get a puppy in his bloodline, so his family. So maybe a litter next year? This way we can feel closer and it's ok. BAH...SO HARD TO THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

    Really, Thank you<3

  4. Thanks Ladies glad you like it,

    And Nicole its okay to cry and its okay to think about a new dog its one of the ways to try to cope, Its never easy I still get teary eyed from pets I lost when I was little. hugs to you and your family , I truly believe all dogs go to heaven.

  5. That is a really nice card. I think sending cards to people when they lose a pet is so important. I had a friend lose her dog and my card meant so much to her family. They were broken hearted. :*(
    Your card is meaningful, but still brings a smile because it's so cute too. I think it's super!

  6. This is such an adorable card. I love those glittery stars! How kind of you to send it out to Nicole.

  7. This is a beautiful way to honour a lost "furbaby". Just an incredible card.

    ~ Hugs, Heather ~